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Barry Rainey, Technician


Barry Rainey, Technician

Barry joined the Tidy Coast Team in May of 2014 and has made a great impact on the Organization.Barry has over 30 years of experience as a Welder and Custom Fabricator in the Aircraft & Marine Industry, along with 23 years as a Commercial Driver and Route Manager with Waste Management. His role at Tidy Coast is as a Technician and Driver, but his prior experience as a welder and fabricator gets put to good use in the day to day operation. Guests will often see him and his lovely wife, Rebecca, on event sites as our Dynamic Attendant Duo! Making guests smile and the event a success is a priority for Barry, and we’re glad he’s a part of the team!

Barry’s favorite Restroom Trailer is the Fantastic Series. “I never get tired of hearing guests say, “Wow! This bathroom is nicer than the one at my home” or “Have you gone in the Restroom Trailer yet? It’s beautiful!” It always puts a smile on my face!

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If I won the lottery, I would:

Donate a large portion to my Church, Family and Charities. My Church does a lot of Mission work bringing clean water to areas in Haiti and other Countries and I would like to be able to devote more time in assisting with that Mission.

Best Event you’ve ever worked and why?

I recently worked at a wedding on Indian River Dr. in Fort Pierce and it was a wonderful event. I loved that I could be a part of someone’s special day and enjoyed the wedding guests and host’s hospitality.

Little known facts about me:

I’m a bit of a Jeep fanatic and I’m on number 12 right now. I also love to ride motorcycles and have owned more than I can count.