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Anna Lucia Events

No matter where your event takes place, Tidy Coast event services will make sure that your guests will have the convenience and comfort of our luxury restrooms and showers. Recently we transported our luxury restrooms and showers by barge over to Keewwaydin Island a barrier island off of Naples, Florida for a beautiful wedding weekend kick-off party that was dreamt up by Anna Lucia Events.

For this Welcome Party, logistics were a big player since everything had to be transported over by boat and/or barge and then moved across the pristine sandy beaches of the island.

We caught up with Noor Zufari of Anna Lucia Events to ask some questions about Tidy Coasts role in their exciting event.

Tell me a little about this event, please.

This was the welcome party to officially kick off the wedding weekend of EB Kapnick and Mike Vandenberg. Guests arrived at staggered times throughout the day beginning at noon until 11:00 p.m. Because the guests would be out on the beach, eating, drinking, and playing we wanted to give them the opportunity to change and wash up to feel refreshed for the second half of the night which is why we included shower trailers.

What all went into logistical planning for this event?

The largest obstacle in planning for this event was the fact that it took place on a barrier island off of Naples; there are no roads to it – the only form of transport available is by boat. Every single item and the onsite vendor had to be brought out either by barge or boat. The barge is subject completely at high tide in order to be able to stay at the correct water level as well as be able to sufficiently pull up and dock on the island, meaning each day of deliveries occurred on a time crunch to be sure the barge was prepared to leave the moment the tides were in our favor and on the flip side, we had to unload everything quickly and efficiently to be able to allow the barge to return. Only one round trip could happen per day and multiple boom lifts had to be utilized. For each trip, we had to create diagrams to ensure that not only would everything we need to transport fit on the barge but that we were within the weight limits as well as distributing the weight appropriately. Again because this is “remote” island, there is no running water or electricity. The residences on the island function using rainwater collection, solar panels, and a few generators. Every element of our infrastructure had to be barged in. Add to that trying to strategically stagger the vendors for setup, it took us months of planning to just get the production timeline laid out. The event itself took a year to plan.

Who did you work with at Tidy Coast to coordinate all of the logistics?

We primarily worked with Amy Langbein, as we approached the event, we spoke to Dave Tierney as well as he actually executed the deliveries for us.

Speaking of logistics with the unique location, what kind of information did you need from them? 

The dimensions, weight, and power needs of each trailer, the best possible way to transport them across a sandy beach. Keep in mind we had to attempt to even estimate the weight of the trailers on the return trip as well as account for backup water supplies. (The trailers were delivered with the waste tank empty, estimating the trailers with the waste tank full post event needed to be estimated for the weight restrictions on the barge)

How was the response time from Tidy Coast on any logistical answers you needed in order to plan? 

They answered me before I had thought of some questions. Both Amy and Dave were always quick and responsive!

What did you think of Tidy Coast’s Sales Rep and Field Staff? 

Amy was incredible, diligent, detailed, and professional. Dave was such a huge help. He had experience on the island and the barging process and assisted with other vendors. His attitude never wavered from positive despite some difficult situations.

Did you have a site visit from a Tidy Coast Rep during the planning process? 

Yes, and it was very helpful, more so for us. Dave already knew what was getting into for the most part so helping us decide on the placement and layout helped tremendously with our floor plans and decisions.

Did you find your sales rep to be knowledgeable, professional and organized?

Would you consider them an Event Specialist? Yes, and absolutely! Their knowledge was well-rounded. While they were only responsible for this aspect of the event, they were accommodating and forward-thinking.

Why did you decide to contract Tidy Coast for this event? 

Their products and services are unmatched in the local industry. The vision, the clients’ and ours, was a luxury resort experience and we knew that Tidy Coast was the right fit, immediately.

What were your thoughts on how Tidy Coast’s staff coordinated with not only you but the other vendors working on the project during planning, delivery, event date and pick up? 

As I mentioned before, they were team players and didn’t stop helping assure a smooth load in and load out. The day of attendants was hard working and great, the guests were so grateful!

Have you contracted Tidy Coast for any more of your events?

Yes, this was not my first time working with TC nor our last.

Do you have any advice for customers who are trying to decide between Tidy Coast and another Restroom Vendor?

I believe their products speak for themselves but I will also say that though this may be the last thing on the list or the subject matter isn’t the most luxurious, it can make or break your event if something goes wrong. They are prepared with whatever they need to keep things going (and sanitary).

Would you recommend Tidy Coast in the future?

I always do!!!

Here at Tidy Coast we love being involved in fun and challenging events while providing outstanding customer service. From our sales team, event coordinators, delivery team and even our attendants we strive to give your guests the most luxurious experience every step of the way.

We congratulate Noor and the entire Anna Lucia Events Team for executing every detail of this Welcome Party beautifully and flawlessly! Read more about it here and be sure to visit their website